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Bonsai Trees For SaleAt Nursery Tree Wholesalers, we offer nothing but the best online selection of bonsai trees for sale some of the best prices available. Our staff has years of professional experience growing and maintaining bonsai trees, which ensures that you receive only the best from America’s Largest Bonsai Nursery. So rest assured, you are in good hands when you buy a bonsai tree from us and we have thousands of loyal customers to prove it. Practicing bonsai is believed by the traditional Japanese to enrich one’s admiration of the finer details in both life and nature, as well as provide a exotic form of living art to your home that has stood the test of time. The grace and flowing movement of our traditional bonsai trees are both aesthetically pleasing and popular for those seeking to add a sense of feng shui to their life. Discover for yourself this ancient form of art with a miniature tree that can be passed down through the generations and witness the harmony that a beautiful bonsai will bring. 

Whether you want to train a bonsai tree yourself from a young age or simply marvel at the brilliance of a 50 year old bonsai tree, Nursery Tree Wholesalers offers it all and holds nothing back. Both youthful beginners and bonsai masters alike can rest assured that our bonsai trees will seize the attention of any room that they undeniably deserve. 

Are you a bonsai tree beginner and not confident about you “skills” in maintaining these beautiful trees? No need to worry, we have many bonsai tree types, both indoors and outdoors, large and small, flowering and deciduous, that range in prices and basic care needs. We are here to help and believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the art of bonsai no matter what your experience level is. All of our bonsai trees come with a basic set of bonsai tree care instructions that will help lead you down the path of success with maintaining you bonsai garden and keeping it alive and well for years to come. With only the best real bonsai trees for sale, we have everything you need to experience and appreciate this ancient form of art for yourself. Between our bonsai blog that continuously updates you with the latest tips and tricks from bonsai experts and our bonsai tree proper care page, you are guaranteed to be as knowledgeable as the best in the bonsai realm. Now, you can check out the only bonsai tree guide you will ever need - Bonsai Trees For Beginners: The Definitive Guide.

BONSAI TREES 101: What is the Art of Bonsai anyway?

At Nursery Tree Wholesalers, we certainly have a wide variety of real bonsai trees for sale online, but we are about more than just selling bonsai trees. We want to educate you on this beautiful form of art to help enrich your all around experience.

The first reports of bonsai trees say that ancient wild trees were raised in containers was originally in China, but Japan adapted and perfected the art form about 500 years ago. Bonsai was considered a simple novelty in the Western world until the early part of the 20th century, where serious horticultural “gurus” began to embrace and practice the art for what it was. 

The word bonsai has a rather simple meaning - “tree in a pot” and is derived from the Chinese phrase “pun sai”. The ambition of bonsai is to create a miniature tree that resembles an ancient, full-sized tree found in nature.

The definition of tree in the phrase bonsai tree can and does have several different meanings. A tree can be a shrub, a tree,  or even a vine. In fact, the common misconception in the general public about bonsai trees are made from some kind of “special bonsai plant” or “dwarf tree”. Bonsai trees are actually (most commonly at least) just normal trees that are dwarfed, or appear to be dwarfed,  through training over several years. 

The pot that a bonsai is kept in has a lot to do with the dwarfing process. Since the roots are not allowed to grow and are contained to the tiny pot, the tree therefore will remain tiny itself. Sure, certain trees display better characteristics of a dwarfed tree, such as small leave size vs. large leaf size, but the fact remains the same that bonsai trees are just “normal” trees that have been dwarfed and go through the normal seasonal phases of flowering, fruiting, and shedding leaves just as its full size counterpart would do in the wild. Also, just like their untrained counterpart in the wild, a bonsai has a love for the great outdoors and requires natural sunlight. Bonsai trees are in fact just that - trees.  As a beginner, it is important to remember that.

Trees and plants have evolved over the millennium and have adapted to make the best use of seasonal changes, wind, rain, and natural sunlight. If you keep a bonsai tree inside your home, that means it is not in its true natural environment and is forced to manage with low humidity levels and poor lighting conditions (usually). Bonsai trees can certainly be displayed indoor for periods of time and can exist (if you will) inside, but the fact that the tree is not in its natural environment means that the bonsai will never fully thrive like it would in the wild. If you plan on permanently cultivating an outdoor bonsai tree in your home, it will almost always result in the death of the tree. Don’t do that. As said above, bonsai trees can be kept indoors, but always need to be placed back outside in a sunny location in order to regain its health. Our Juniper Bonsai Tree For Sale is a perfect example of a bonsai tree that is often displayed in exhibits, and then returned to the outdoors once the exhibit is finished.

The good news is that there are several tropical species of plants that are aptly suited for life indoors if given proper amounts of sunlight (but even they need to be kept outside from time to time to maintain proper health) However, being that they are tropical, they do not handle the cold well. They need protection from frost and are best wintered indoors when protection from the winter cold is required.

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