Powder Puff Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

General Description:

The Powder Puff Bonsai Tree for sale from our wholesale nursery is a truly unique species and one of the most colorful and exotic looking trees we offer when in bloom. They are native to many of the tropical regions around the world, and flower throughout the year with bright red, almost florescent looking “puffs”. The foliage of the tree is bright green that extend from a delicate and slender looking trunk. The exuberant blooms complement the oval shaped leaves and provide color throughout the year. The Powder Puff is also naturally resistant to most pests and diseases, and is also drought tolerant. Please be sure you check out our full selection of online bonsai trees for sale after you have read up on the Powder Puff Bonsai Tree.


The Powder Puff Bonsai Tree will do best when the soil is kept slightly moist, although it will not die if the soil is allowed to dry out for short periods of time. Be careful not to overwater this tree, as that can lead to root rot and many health issues later on. Test the soil with your fingers by lightly pressing down, and water as needed to keep the soil moist. We also recommend that you mist the foliage of the tree, especially when you keep it inside.


One of the great aspects of the Powder Puff is that it can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but it does prefer consistent warmth. When the temperatures are warm outside, feel free to move it to a sunny location that has moderate protection from the midday sun, as that can cause the leaves to burn and flowers to wilt. If you keep it inside, which you should during the winter to protect the roots from freezing temperatures, make sure that it is placed near a sunny window where the temperature is relatively steady.


We recommend that you place your Powder Puff in a sunny location that is sheltered from the intense, midday sun. When kept in a sunny location and adequate light is provided, the leaves will stay smaller which is preferable in bonsai.


You should fertilize this tree on a weekly basis from spring to fall, and then only once a month during the winter. You should use a balanced NPK fertilizer. If the leaves begin to yellow at any point in time, you should try adding an iron supplement to counter the issue.


You can prune the Powder Puff at any time of the year, and remember that frequent trimming will encourage compact foliage growth with this tree. But be careful not to fiddle! Remove undesired foliage as needed to help form the shape you are trying to achieve. If you choose to wire, you should only do so on the younger branches in the spring as that is when they are the most flexible. Older branches will become rigid and you risk breaking them if you wire – you definitely can, just proceed with caution!


As with most trees, the best time to repot the Powder Puff is in the early spring, just before growth starts every 3-4 years. If you live in a tropical climate with warm temperatures year round, you can repot at any time. You should cut off 1/3 of the root ball to ensure that the roots do not become pot bound.

Potential Pests:

Pests are never fun. Fortunately, the Powder Puff Bonsai Tree is quite resistant to most pests, but on that chance that you do have them, here is what to do! You could see spider mites, scale, or aphids. Proper air circulation and good health with help prevent this buggers from bugging you. To remove, we recommend that you make a mixture of 1 quart warm water and 1 tsp of dish soap, and thoroughly rinse the tree and leaves. Make sure you rinse with pure water when you are done.

Extra Comments:

Occasionally, you might find bees to be attracted to this bonsai due to its bright pink flower “puffs”. Don’t worry, they will not damage it. Also, if you keep the tree in a location that is too windy, the wind will bend the stems due to the blowing leaves which will eventually turn the leaves brown. We recommend that you move the tree to a new location the pinch off the yellowish leaves to promote new growth.


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