Holly Bonsai Tree Care & Description

General Description:

The Holly Bonsai Tree from our wholesale nursery as it is found in the wild, can range in height from over EIGHTY feet, to under one foot – that is quite a range. In the Holly family, there are over 400 different species and it has quite an interesting historical background. Holly was used centuries ago to decorate the interior of homes as it was believed the tree would repel evil spirits and protect it from lightening. It was a very sacred plant in many cultures. Native American Indians also wore holly branches around their necks, which was believe to ease the pain during childbirth and deliver a healthy baby. It was also thought to cause overall good health and give courage before battle.

The Holly Bonsai Tree is known and loved for its bright red berries and green, glossy leaves. It produces delicate white flowers in the spring which provides a unique contrast to the dark green leaves.


The Holly Bonsai Tree should be kept outdoors, but will need frost protection when the temperatures approach freezing. You can move the tree to your garage during the winter to help prevent stress.


These trees love water, especially in you want them to produce the famous red berries in the Spring. Water your bonsai regularly, and make sure the root system does not fully dry out as they are not drought tolerant trees. You should reduce the watering during the winter and make sure to regularly wipe the leaves off to remove dust which will ensure proper photosynthesis and cell growth.


This tree can thrive in either shade or sun, although the preferable placement would be in “semi-shade”, to help prevent leaf burn from the intense summer sun. The more light the foliage receives, the denser it will be if kept healthy. If you choose to keep your tree indoors, make sure to provide it will an ample amount of bright life.


We recommend that you fertilizer the Holly every two weeks from Spring to Autumn. Read our blog post about fertilizer if you would like more information.


We recommend that you trim the new shoots back to 1 or 2 nodes closest to the trunk. The tree does not handle wiring very well as the branches are rather brittle, so it is best to try to achieve your desired shape through trimming. Shape to your heart’s desire!

Potential Insects or Pests:

Aphids are sometimes found on these trees, but can easily be removed by spraying on a solution of 1 quart warm water with 1 tsp dish soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. If you have scales, remove them with a sharp knife and applying rubbing alcohol to kill the eggs. Be mindful not to damage the bark of the tree when removing scales.


We recommend that you repot you bonsai in the early spring every 1 or 2 years. For more information about when to repot, check out our blog post with detailed instructions. Please be sure you check out our full selection of online bonsai trees for sale from our wholesale nursery after you have read up on the Holly Bonsai Tree. Have questions? Let us know!


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