Fringe Flower Care Sheet

General Description:

The Fringe Flower Bonsai Tree from our online nursery is an evergreen shrub originating from the Himalaya region of China and is known for the beautiful, fragrant flowers it produces in the Spring. The actual name of the tree is “Loropetalum Chinensis”, and in the wild has been known to reach heights of up to 12 feet. The fragrant pink “fringy” flowers are a delicate accent of color to the maroon leaves. The foliage of the tree is usually maroon or burgundy when there are milder temperatures, but will turn green during the warm summer. The Fringe Flower is hardy and usually pest free, which make it the perfect bonsai for beginners that will impress the you year after year with the unique color and flowers. Please be sure you check out our full selection of bonsai trees for sale after you have read up on the Fringe Flower bonsai tree. Happy reading!


The Fringe Flower Bonsai Tree from our online nursery needs to be watered semi-regularly. Make sure the soil stays moist but be careful not to overwater, as that can cause root rot.


If you place your bonsai in an area that is partially shady, the foliage will be slightly less colorful and it will bloom with fewer flowers. If placed in full brightly diffused light, the tree will be encouraged to produce brilliantly colorful blooms.


A major positive feature of the Fringe Flower is that it has the ability to be grown outdoors in full sun or light shade, but can also tolerate the cool winter temperatures.


The Fringe Flower Bonsai Tree should be trimmed just after the Spring blooms begin to fade. We recommend that you prune it to reach the appearance of a multi-trunk tree, but feel free to prune it to your own liking. If you choose to wire, ensure that you gently wrap the wires so they do not damage the fragile bark. When removing the wires, we recommend that you use wire cutters to remove the wire rather than risk breaking a branch while trying to unwind them.


We recommend that you add organic fish emulsion fertilizer in the spring, which will encourage bright and colorful blooms. However, if the soil is still nutrient rich then you will find that the tree still blooms very nicely.

Potential Insects:

The Fringe Flower is almost exclusively pest free. If you make sure that the roots are well watered and the foliage stays dust free, you should have no problems with this exceptionally easy and trouble-free bonsai.


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