Dwarf Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

General Description:

The Dwarf Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree from Nursery Tree Wholesalers is a relatively slow growing pine that needs little care, making it a perfect choice for a beginner in the art of bonsai. The Mugo Pine is native to the mountainous regions of Southern Europe and is sometimes used to further stabilize sand dune areas on the coast. This tree is an evergreen with vivid, dark green needles that add a splash of color to any setting throughout the year. Find this amazing bonsai tree in our online, wholesale nursery today!


The Mugo Pine will do best if kept outdoors if proper protection is provided from intense summer heat and frost during the winter. The tree can handle freezing temperatures, but as always with bonsai trees, it can be fatal if the root system freezes – so root protection should be provided.


The Mugo Pine prefers to be kept outside in either full sun or partial shade. If you choose to keep the tree indoors, be sure to keep it in an area with bright, natural sunlight and create a humid environment.


This bonsai tree does well if neglected, mainly because it is drought tolerant. So if you travel a lot or tend to “forget” about watering, this tree could be perfect for you. The roots grow unusually close to the surface, so we recommend that you place a light layer of mulch around the base of the tree, to help keep the root system moist and cool.


We recommend that you fertilize this bonsai every month during the growing season, which is from early Spring to late Autumn.

Potential Insects or Pests:

Excellent news – The Mugo Pine is incredibly resistant to disease and insects, making it nearly maintenance free!


We recommend that you repot your bonsai every two to three years in either the early Spring or late Summer. Ensure that you replace the soil with a deep, well draining soil. It is best to use half coarse sand, half soil. Conifers and pines have a symbiotic fungus that grows on the roots and appears as a white, web like substance. They need this to survive. Therefore, when you repot, remember to never cut the roots.

Helpful Comments:

As with all bonsai trees, wipe the foliage with a wet cloth regularly to keep the bonsai free from dust, which will encourage proper cell growth in the tree. Please be sure you check out our full selection of online bonsai trees for sale after you have read up on the Dwarf Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree.


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