Dwarf Jade Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

General Description:

The Dwarf Jade bonsai tree from our wholesale nursery is originally from the drier regions of South Africa and is commonly known as the "Elephant Bush". It is a succulent species, meaning that it is a rather undemanding plant that has the ability to store water for long periods of time. In the wild, the tree can grow to heights of 10 feet but is known and beloved by those who are lucky enough to have it as a bonsai. The Dwarf Jade is favored for its round, thick, vivid green leaves with soft pink flowers that spring out from the fleshy looking stems. Please see the full selection of bonsai trees from our online nursery once you are finished with this article!


The Dwarf Jade Bonsai Tree is able to hold water for long periods of time, and therefore needs very little water. It can easily go up to 4 weeks without being watered in the summer and up to 8 weeks in the winter! We recommend that you water the tree when the soil is almost completely dry. Because watering this tree is so undemanding, it is the perfect bonsai for those who are busy and might have a hard time keeping the tree on a watering schedule. Please be sure you check out our full selection of bonsai trees for sale after you have read up on the Dwarf Jade bonsai tree.



Since this tree is native to a warm climate, it needs to be protected from freezing temperatures. If you keep it outside, make sure to move it inside your home once temperature begin to drop below 55 degrees. It can do fine if kept indoors in a bright window, but will thrive if kept outdoors in the summer heat.


The Dwarf Jade can be kept near a bright window if you choose to keep it indoors, but they also love the fresh, outside air. We recommend that you at least place your tree outside in full sun during the summer to help encourage proper growth.


We recommend that you fertilize the Dwarf Jade every 4 weeks during the Spring and Summer. You do not need to worry about fertilizing during the winter.


Trimming and shaping this bonsai tree to your desire is relatively easy, making it a perfect bonsai fro beginners. You can trim back the branches and new shoots at any time during the Spring or Summer. If you choose to wire the branches, be very careful not to break or damage the tree as the bark is very soft. A popular technique is to place the Jade in a location where it needs to "reach" for light, making the entire tree sway in one direction.

Potential Insects or Pests:

The Dwarf Jade typically has very few problems if you keep the leaves clean and do not overwater. Overwatering can cause root rot, especially since the Jade has very low water requirements. Clean leaves will help keep the tree healthy, so be sure to wipe them off with clean water regularly. 


We recommend that you repot your Jade every two years in the late Spring in a soil with very good drainage. Be sure to significantly cut back the roots around the root ball.

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