About Nursery Tree Wholesalers

Here at Nursery Tree Wholesalers, we are proud to display our rich and unique assortment of bonsai trees for sale exclusively online, which have all been professionally trained to become some of finest specimen trees in the entire country. We offer an ample variety of both young and mature bonsai trees, that have been carefully selected and maintained in America’s Largest Bonsai Nursery under optimum greenhouse conditions for years. We offer indoor bonsai trees, outdoor bonsai trees, and even flowering bonsai trees that are guaranteed to arrive healthy and beautiful.

Bonsai Trees For SaleEach one of our bonsai trees comes with a textured rock accessory and is potted and shipped in a state of the art container to help further enrich the beauty of your bonsai. Over the years, our bonsai masters have customized, tweaked, styled, and perfected a premium bonsai soil mixture that all of our trees are planted in. This custom mixture helps to maximize proper water retention, drainage, and nutrition absorbing capacity which will lead to a happy and healthy bonsai tree for you. Now, you can check out the only bonsai guide you will ever need - Bonsai Trees For Beginners: The Definitive Guide.

Bonsai trees make make a great gift for yourself, and the perfect gift for someone else - and now, you don’t even have to pay for shipping. Our stock has all been carefully established and can now be yours as a distinct enhancement to your current bonsai collection, whether you are an expert or beginner. Please note that the tree you will receive is not the exact tree in the picture show on our online catalog. But rest assured, the tree you receive will be substantially similar and unique in its own way. Every order is shipped with proper care instructions to make sure that you are able to maintain and enjoy your tree for years to come. As always, Nursery Tree Wholesalers takes great pride in our trained bonsai experts’ ability to continually produce The World’s Best Bonsai Trees.

All of our established bonsai trees for sale are shipped with easy-to-follow care instructions and carefully wrapped and securely packaged so that they arrive quickly and in excellent condition. When ordering a tree from our online catalog, the tree that you receive will be substantially similar to the image shown. 

If you are simply looking for advice on proper care for your bonsai tree, we have that too. Please see our bonsai proper care page that answers many of the basic bonsai questions and has a list of care sheets, or you can visit our bonsai blog and browse to the topic you wish to dive into!

Shipping Information

Nursery Tree Wholesalers uses only the finest packaging materials and methods to help ensure that your live bonsai tree arrives healthy and is not damaged in any way by the carrier during transit. Given the email address you provide, a tracking number will be sent at the close of business on the day your order is shipped. Also, our shipping is always a flat fee, which saves you some serious money. High five.

*Please Note:  In order to prevent live trees from being held by the carrier over the long weekend, we ship all orders to arrive before the end of the current week (including Saturday) providing that we receive your order prior to 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday.

If your order is placed after 1:00 Eastern time on Tuesday, your order will generally be shipped the following Monday with the following exception: If your order is being delivered to an address east of the Mississippi, Nursery Tree Wholesalers will use its best efforts to deliver your healthy tree by the end of the current week.

International Shipments

We do not ship internationally (including Canada and Mexico) or to Alaska and Hawaii.

Our Guarantee

Nursery Tree Wholesalers will guarantee that our stock is well established, healthy, true to name, and properly packed for shipping. We will gladly replace material or refund the purchase price on claims made within ONE week of your receipt of material. Return shipping, if needed, is at the owners expense.

Why buy from Nursery Tree Wholesalers?

  • We have one of the biggest selections and largest inventories of bonsai trees in the world. In fact, our trees are shipped directly from the largest bonsai tree nursery in America. Rest assured my friends, you are in good hands.
  • We offer bonsai trees at fantastic prices that are virtually unbeatable by other online competitors. We also offer flat rate shipping on every tree. Try to find another company that can claim that. We guarantee that our prices and bonsai trees are better than the rest.

If you still have questions or would simply like to inquire about a specific bonsai, please email us at:

Claims/Damaged Shipments

For the Unfortunately, there are rare occurrences where trees are sometimes damaged by the carrier in transit to their final destination - you. We are not responsible for damage or delays after delivering your order to the carrier as stated above, all bonsai trees are shipped from our nursery in perfect, healthy condition. Claims for delays or damage due to the carrier must be made immediately to the carrier. Please keep the packaging and provide pictures of any damage. No claims for loss or damage will be honored by the carrier if filed later than ONE week after receipt.