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Bonsai Pro Fertilizer

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Bonsai Pro fertilizer is exactly that – the bonsai fertilizer used by the pros! It hammers in all 6 macro nutruients and all 10 mirco nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth and development of your bonsai tree! There is no danger of salt buildup with this solution, as it only contains the essentials! This is an incredibly easy to use formula that you simply mix with water and apply. One of our 8 fl oz bottles will provide you with up to a whopping 180 gallons of fertilizer – so this is a very economical solution to your bonsai needs. It is highly recommended that you regularly fertilize your bonsai trees throughout the spring and summer. That goes for both the indoor and outdoor trees!

*Each bottle is 8 oz of concentrate and makes up to 180 gallons of the fertilizer.

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