Bonsai Tree Humidity Tray

13" Humidity Tray

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First of all, why do you need a humidity tray?

A humidity tray adds moisture to the air surrounding the bonsai tree, which helps foster a more natural, humid environment for the tree to grow in. These are especially important when you keep a bonsai tree indoors, as air conditioning/heating really dries out the air, robbing the bonsai of the moisture it needs to thrive. They are also important when keeping a bonsai tree outside, as wind and heat can also dry out a tree. Since the bonsai will be resting on top of the rocks, it will rest above the standing water instead of in the standing water, helping to prevent a root rot!

An additional benefit of a humidity tray is that it keeps the windowsill or table or ledge (whatever the bonsai is resting on) dry and free from debris. When you water a bonsai, the excess water will run out through the holes on the bottom of the pot. If you have a humidity tray, the water will simply collect in the tray instead of running out all over the place!

All trays come with decorative rocks that help add style and an exotic feel to the tree.

Tray Dimensions

  • 13" X 9" X 1", plus the DECORATIVE ROCK

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