Chinese Elm Bonsai Trees

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The Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree from Nursery Tree Wholesalers is one of our most popular bonsai trees and is always a perfect addition of style and grace to any coffee table. Distinguished for its unique leaf shape and gracefully curvy trunk, these bonsai trees have been painstakingly trained and styled for years by Chinese professionals. Rest assured, this bonsai will be sure to turn heads. The Chinese Elms can be easily pruned to a shape of your liking and will faithfully produce fresh leaves when kept health.

These trees are known to be very hardy, forgiving, and can accommodate both outdoor and even indoor environments with sufficient natural lighting for short periods of time. The Chinese Elm will certainly be the center of attention in any place you choose to keep it!

  • Experience: Excellent for beginners
  • Recommended Location: Outside or inside by a very sunny window

Want more information? Check out the CHINESE ELM BONSAI TREE CARE SHEET

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