5 Solid Reasons To Buy A Bonsai Tree

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If you are hesitant about buying a bonsai tree, be sure you read these entire article. We have hundreds of bonsai trees for sale through our online, wholesale nursery that are patiently waiting for you :)

1. In terms of hobbies, bonsai is relatively cheap

Let’s be honest, you can easily spend thousands of dollars on a hobby. From beer brewing to car collecting, it is incredibly easy to throw down some serious money are hobbies every year. Bonsai, on the other hand, is something that you can start and enjoy with a very little investment in money. You can buy an excellent tree for relatively cheap, and tend to it and style it as it grows and develops – year after year. Isn’t it about time you start a new hobby?

2. Everyone buys flowers

Everyone has flowers on their deck or patio or windowsill. And guess what? Flowers die in a few days and cost just as much as a bonsai tree! Isn’t it time you buy a decoration that you can enjoy for years instead of weeks? Isn’t it time you have something that offers more aesthetic appeal than flowers for the same price? Or better yet, how about trees that combines that art of bonsai with seasonal flowering?

3. Bonsai trees make great gifts

Thinking of sending flowers again to your mom? Boring. Want to make a friend smile on their birthday? Flowers are not the answer. Ok, so I know that ties into number 2, but seriously – bonsai trees are excellent gifts that convey meaning and have a sense of purpose. You don’t just put them on a windowsill and watch them slowly die and wither as you do with flowers. Bonsai trees represent a piece of timeless art that can now be delivered right to your doorstep! How cool is that?

4. Bonsai is an art form

Collecting art can be rough on the pockets as custom art is generally very pricy. Well, every single bonsai tree is an individually unique piece of art that you can fill your place with at a fraction of the cost of most art. Also, bonsai is a living art. Isn’t it time to bring out the artist in yourself?

5. They are easy to take care of!!!

Last but certainly not the least - Bonsai trees are NOT difficult to take of! Contrary to popular belief, a bonsai tree can grow and thrive with very little care. To help get you started on the right foot, all of our bonsai trees are shipped with proper care instructions, plus you have the additional support found on our proper care page and can browse our bonsai blog if you are looking for help. Thousands and thousands of people are finding out every year how amazing bonsai trees are. Isn’t it your turn? Go shopping now!

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