7 Excellent Resources for Bonsai Lovers

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Bonsai Trees For SaleHave you read all of the posts in our blog but are still desperate for more? Here are some great outside links that will provide you with tips and tricks for several popular bonsai endeavors.

  1. Bonsai South carries an wide assortment of species that we do not, so please go check out their bonsai trees! 
  2. Excellent description and everything you could possibly want to know about the infamous Green Mound Juniper bonsai tree
  3. Basic bonsai care intructions provided by the experts at 
  4. Step by step pictures and instructions about the details of wiring your bonsai tree
  5. Descriptions and pictures of some very intricate bonsai displays that make the best of us say “WOW”
  6. Pictures of some amazing specimen bonsai trees from BIB’s 16 annual exhibit
  7. Have you seen these amazing, handmade wire tree sculptures? Do yourself a favor and take a look

Obviously, our goal at Nursery Tree Wholesalers is not to drive internet based traffic away from our website, but we do recognize the importance of providing up to date information to our customers from a wide variety of sources. So enjoy yourself – go check out what other people are saying about bonsai trees. There are many excellent sources out there, but always remember to find your way back to our online, wholesale nursery, home of the World’s Best Bonsai Trees.

Do you know of other bonsai sources that you would like to recommend? Please let us know!

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