Where can I put my bonsai tree?

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Where can I put my bonsai tree?

The most common misunderstanding regarding bonsai trees is that they can be kept inside, which is also the source of 90% of problems and deaths most people face. Bonsai trees are trees and need natural light from the sun that is found outside, not inside. Trees need natural light, proper air circulation, strong humidity levels, and most species need the cold that comes with winter to go dormant. There are certainly species that can tolerate indoor conditions and can actually thrive if given proper care and appropriate placement near a window. But these tree are the minority in the bonsai world.

The good news is that most outdoor bonsai trees can survive for months if kept inside. It is certainly not the most favorable conditions for them, but they won’t die immediately or anything like that. So if you accidentally leave one inside for a couple of weeks, don’t panic. If left inside for too long though, they will slowly loose the health and will become stressed, which is when they are more susceptible to bugs and disease, such as loss of foliage, yellowing leaves, and death in due time. Therefore, you want to avoid stressing your tree if at all possible by keeping it inside.

When we receive a bonsai from us, it will be in excellent health and it is your job to keep that way. So unless a tree is purchased from our indoor wholesale nursery, do not keep the bonsai tree inside your home for more than a few days at a time. If you have guests over and want to show it off - sure, bring it inside and show off what you have been working on. But in the meantime, pick a nice location outside where your tree can thrive and grow in its natural environment.  

The number one rule you need to remember:

***Bonsai trees are trees. Trees live outside.*** 

If you remember that, your bonsai endeavors will be much for successful. 

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