Bonsai Trees: The Definitive Guide

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Let me ask you three questions about bonsai trees

  1. Are you looking to take your bonsai skills to the next level?
  2. Are you a total bonsai tree beginner and have NO idea where to begin?
  3. Have you bought a bonsai tree for sale in the past, killed it, and are looking to try again?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions…then believe me


    Whether you are total beginner or a bonsai master, I’m sure you felt just like I did when I started practicing bonsai..... 

    I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing!

    Seriously, I had no idea what to do... and I will admit…. I killed a good number of bonsai trees when I started out, but it wasn’t all my fault.

    I had no idea what I was doing and I couldn’t find helpful, practical resources to teach me what I needed to know.

    My faulty methods led to one dead bonsai tree after another, and I felt stuck in my own ignorance. Then, everything suddenly changed as I begin to learn….

    And as my learning progressed, the idea of mastering bonsai became less and less intimidating. And eventually, I was able to successfully keep my own bonsai trees alive and healthy!

    Fast forward a few years… Now, I have learned and practiced many bonsai techniques that you can find right here, all in one place. Many of the techniques are incredibly easy reproduce, even if you are a total “beginner” like I was!

    1. Pick The Perfect Location
    2. Water Like A Pro
    3. Pruning With The Masters
    4. Fertilize Like a Champion
    5. Winter Proofing Your Bonsai Tree
    6. Getting 10x More Growth
    7. Want A Thicker Trunk?
    8. Shaping Your Bonsai



    Chapter 1

    How To Pick The Perfect Location For Your Bonsai Tree

    Putting your bonsai tree in the right place starts you off on a solid path in bonsai, and is commonly the step that most beginners skip. However, if you fail here, your bonsai tree is inevitably doomed. Yikes. Before you go anywhere else, you need learn exactly where you need to keep your tree, and why.



    Chapter 2

    How To Execute Effective Proper Watering Techniques

    Properly watering your bonsai tree is not exactly rocket science, but it is essential to keeping your bonsai healthy. Learn to water with the masters, so you never have to toss away a dried up bonsai tree again.



    Chapter 3

    How To Get Top Notch Results From Pruning Your Bonsai Tree

    Without pruning, your bonsai tree will quickly begin to look more like a bush than an ancient tree. Keeping your tree well pruned a major factor in shaping the tree, and will keep your bonsai an actual bonsai, instead of an unimpressive shrub. Learn how to properly trim and prune your bonsai tree from world class bonsai masters.



    Chapter 4

    How To Keep Your Bonsai Tree Glowing With Radiance Using Fertilizer

    Bonsai Trees are grown in tiny pots with a tiny amount of soil. The nutrients in that tiny amount of soil won’t last forever, and the roots of your bonsai need those nutrients replenished to keep growing with vigor. Learn how fertilizer adds those nutrients back into the depleted soil and when to apply it.



    Chapter 5

    How To Make Your Bonsai Tree Winter Proof

    Beginners often struggle with this. They are left wondering what they should do with their tree in the winter. “Will it die? Will it freeze to death? Is it bad if the leaves fall off?” All are excellent questions – here are the answers.



    Chapter 6

    How Repotting Can Force 10x More New Growth In Your Bonsai Tree

    Eventually, your bonsai tree’s roots are going to outgrow the pot it is currently in, causing it to become “root bound”. If you don't know, root bound = not good. Repotting your bonsai tree can spur new growth almost immediately, while giving the roots more new nutrient and more room to grow and thrive.



    Chapter 7

    How To “Thicken” The Trunk Of Your Bonsai Tree Using A Few Simple Hacks

     A thick trunk is a sure sign of old age with bonsai trees, as it is with trees in nature. A “thicker” trunk makes the bonsai tree appear to be “ancient”, which is one of the main goals in bonsai, and what you should be aiming for. Learn a few easy hacks to make your bonsai tree trunk thicker and look older than it actually is.



    Chapter 8

    How To Shape Your Bonsai Tree To Your Every Desire

    Wiring is one of the most advanced bonsai techniques that people use to shape their bonsai tree. Luckily, we have you covered. Here you will learn the proper wiring techniques and what types of wire can and should be used along with instructional step-by-step videos to guide you. Enjoy.

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